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Customize Your Mask

Why Choose Custom Development Products

Tailor made product


A product that is made to your standards and specifications.

Fits with your brand


Get a unique product that is aligned with your brand.

Unique features

You choose the specific features you would like included with your products.

Customized Processes And Steps

1.Sales And Creativity

At this stage, your “dream” will be formulated and transformed into a project proposal.

2.Functions And Uses

First, clarify the function and purpose of the product. From your perspective, this will set the requirements that the product must meet. This phase will end with an accurate list of product requirements that both parties agree upon.

3.Research And Requirements

At this stage, all the requirements for the product have been determined. The team will also look at how we build the product and whether the requirements are feasible, and develop regulatory strategies. Here we will answer – How do we get this product certified?

4.Design And Development

During this phase, the design team creates a preliminary design, after which the engineering team turns the design into an actual producible product. All project requirements will be met and the product will be validated for its intended use.


Once the product design is clear, the prototyping phase begins, during which the design is transformed into a 3D model. A 3D model is a digital version of the actual product and therefore contains all product components. A prototype version of the product will then be made and sent to you. This prototype device needs to be tested and approved by you before proceeding.

6.Molds And Forming

During this stage, the tools and molds used to manufacture the product are made. Tools and molds will be tested and fine-tuned to optimize the production process and ensure high-quality output. Once the tooling is complete, first production can begin. At the same time, work instructions are developed for production personnel who assemble products.

7.Production And delivery

After production, the products will be shipped directly to the shipping address you give us. During this phase, the product’s effectiveness and safety may also be monitored and evaluated.

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