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Do LED Masks Cause Skin Cancer

With the discovery and rise of LED light therapy, many products related to LED light therapy have sprung up, such as red light therapy panel, red light beauty wand, LED face mask, red light therapy belt, red light therapy blanket and so on. Among them, the most widely used is the LED face mask, both portable home use and advanced commercial equipment. Opinions on LED facial mask are not the same. Some people believe that LED light therapy for facial skin benefits, can be beauty at the same time without side effects, is very suitable for cosmetic medicine, and their own active use; there are some people believe that LED light therapy will damage the facial skin, light long time will cause damage to the skin, resulting in serious consequences, and even lead to skin cancer. But now we don’t need to worry about these problems, after many experiments have proved that LED light therapy is very good for our skin. Before that, we should understand what skin cancer and LED light therapy are

What is skin cancer

Skin cancer occurs when skin cells are damaged, for example, by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. There are three main types of skin cancer:

basal cell carcinoma

squamous cell carcinoma

melanoma – the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Both basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are known as non-melanoma skin cancer or keratinocyte cancers. Keratinocyte cancer is more common in men, with almost double the incidence compared to women.Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australians excluding keratinocyte cancers as data on incidence is not routinely collected. Anyone is at risk of developing skin cancer, but the risk increases with age. Most skin cancers are caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Some of the some of the factors that increase the risk of developing skin cancer include sunburns, tanning, and solariums. Most of these are caused by stronger UV radiation stimulation

Definition and uses of LED Face Mask

An LED face mask is a device that is typically a face shield or mask consisting of a series of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights designed to treat or cosmetically enhance the skin by exposing it to specific wavelengths of light. The light from these LED lights can include different wavelengths of red, blue, and near-infrared light, each of which is thought to have different skin benefits.LED facial masks are widely used for treating acne, aging, healing wounds, clearing psoriasis, fighting skin cancer and preventing hair loss. Over time, this light has been found to do even more. It promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin. This reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging. Then a class of LED facial masks for home use was developed to make skin care safer and more convenient.

Do LED Masks Cause Skin Cancer

The obvious answer is that it doesn’t cause skin cancer. According to WebMD, phototherapy “uses low-intensity light of different wavelengths and colors that are safe for the skin.” These rays penetrate the skin barrier and provide a range of benefits to the skin. The home version of light therapy is gentler on the skin because the lights are not as intense. And skin exposure to stronger light rays can lead to skin cancer. The purpose of light therapy is to treat acne, aging, heal wounds, clear psoriasis, fight skin cancer and prevent hair loss. This LED light does not contain any of the unsafe UV rays that we are always told to guard against.

According to Revive, “The science behind LED light therapy technology was originally developed by NASA for growing plants in space. Due to the regenerative properties of LEDs, it was discovered that light therapy had the potential to naturally heal wounds.” So we don’t have to worry about its effect on the skin, it’s safe, it doesn’t have strong radiation irritation like UV rays, and it doesn’t need to be absorbed into the skin like skincare products do, all you need to do is clean your facial skin, apply a mask and lie down, it will solve your skin problems and eliminate visible signs of aging. And as for the effectiveness of LED facial masks, the conclusions of the article by author J Clin Aesthet Dermatol, published in HLM in 2018, suggest that Phototherapy using LEDs is beneficial for a wide range of medical and cosmetic disorders encountered in dermatology clinics. This treatment has an excellent safety profile and can be effectively used for the treatment of acne vulgaris, wound healing applications after cosmetic surgery and skin resurfacing procedures, actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma in situ and basal cell carcinoma.


As a popular facial care tool nowadays, LED light therapy mask is very suitable for the public’s needs, and in the research, it also shows more benefits, such as treat acne, aging, heal wounds, clear psoriasis, fight skin cancer and so on, but the nature of the light therapy makes a lot of people worry that it will lead to skin cancer, but this is not to worry at all. However, the nature of light therapy makes many people worry that it will lead to skin cancer, but this is not to worry, after more experiments of medical institutions, it not only does not lead to skin cancer, on the contrary, after and some drugs used in conjunction with the purpose of treatment of skin cancer, we should be more to experiment the feasibility of the LED light therapy, so that more people are more assured that it can be used!



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