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Should I Use My LED Mask In The Morning Or Night

Did you know that day and night skincare routines can be personalised to meet your skin’s specific needs? Adapting to the different times of day that affect your skin is important if you want to get the right results. Timing also becomes an important factor when adding treatments such as LED light therapy to your daily routine.

When should I use LED light therapy devices? Are they more effective during the day or should they be avoided at bedtime? Does the time of day matter for blue light therapy, red light therapy or infrared therapy?

Read on for more information about the differences between daytime and nighttime use of LED light therapy devices.

In today’s fast-paced world of increasingly rigid schedules, people are looking for skin treatments that are both convenient and effective. LED light therapy is an impressive option because it takes only a few minutes a day while delivering dramatic results in skin rejuvenation.

What is LED Light Therapy



LED Light Therapy utilises UV-free, non-heated LED bulbs to effectively address different skin conditions. By providing light energy that penetrates the skin, photoreceptors are activated, initiating natural cellular processes such as collagen production and regeneration.

One of the reasons for the popularity of LED light therapy is its versatility in addressing a wide range of skin conditions. Project E Beauty’s Photorejuvenation Face and Neck Mask is a device that offers seven LED colours as well as a dedicated panel for the neck area.

These devices have proven to be particularly effective in combating the signs of aging and controlling mild to moderate acne. In order to unlock the desired benefits, consistency is key. It’s vital to plan your treatments and incorporate LED light therapy into your day or nighttime regimen, as it affects the overall effect and results on your skin.


How do LED Masks fit into your skincare routine


To ensure the best results, it is important to prepare the skin before using LED lighting equipment, especially masks. The first step in preparation is to thoroughly cleanse your face. By washing your face before your treatment, you can remove any obstacles that may hinder the effectiveness of your LED light therapy.

By cleansing your face, you remove excess oil, dirt, make-up residue and other impurities that may have accumulated throughout the day. This process creates a clean, fresh canvas for the LED light to work its magic. By removing these impurities, you allow the powerful light energy to penetrate deep into your skin to maximise its potential benefits.

In addition, cleansing your face helps to unclog pores, allowing the LED light therapy to reach the underlying layers of your skin more effectively. This promotes better absorption of the light energy and enhances the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

When is the best time to have LED light therapy


Whether you choose to incorporate LED light therapy into your daytime or nighttime routine, it is important that you commit to a regular treatment programme. Typically, four LED light treatments per week, each lasting 10 minutes, are recommended, especially for beginners.


Recommended Daytime Skincare Routine

Regardless of the colour of the light, LED light therapy is usually safe to use during the day. For mild to moderate acne and inflammatory skin conditions, blue light treatments are recommended in the morning as a priority. The blue wavelength suppresses melatonin, the sleep hormone responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. By using blue light therapy during the day, you can minimise potential disruption to natural sleep patterns and ensure a more balanced treatment routine.


Recommended Nighttime Skincare Routine

Red light therapy and infrared light therapy can also be performed in the morning and are best suited to nighttime before bed. This is because the anti-ageing effects of red light therapy align with the body’s natural regenerative processes that occur during sleep, thus enhancing their overall effectiveness. It is also a great combination to use with other anti-aging tools. If you must use blue light at night, be sure to use an eye mask to protect your eyes and minimise the impact on your sleep.

For best results, don’t forget to use a moisturising skincare product after each session!


Is LED light therapy safe


LED light therapy is a safe and widely recognised treatment, with a 2018 study confirming its excellent safety profile. The bulbs used in LED light therapy devices are also UV-free and do not emit heat, ensuring that they won’t harm the surface of your skin while still providing the desired benefits.

When it comes to your eyes, always use caution. The high-intensity LED bulbs used in these devices can be too bright for your eyes to handle. For protection, look for LED light therapy devices that come with built-in goggles or offer a pair of blackout goggles. These must-have accessories will protect your eyes from excessive exposure to LED lights.

LED light therapy is non-invasive, painless and requires minimal effort on your part. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the treatment as it gives your skin the care it deserves.



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